Storage Bags

No need for turkey bags that don’t work effectively for venting and storage. Our engineered storage bags provide the optimum OTR and MVTR balance for your flower needs. Our bags have a reclosable zipper and a bottom gusset to stand up for filling.

These bags can prevent over drying; preserving terpenes, THC, CBD and THC-A levels, ensuring a stable shelf life and reducing the time needed to manually vent. Printed from 13 x 17 x 3.

5 lb bags coming soon!

Grow Bag Image

Product Features:

  • Available in stand-up pouch
Close-up Grow Bag Thickness
  • Premium 3.0 mil thickness ensuring a balanced breathability and moisture retention
Close-up Grow Bag Gloss
  • Opaque and clear material options
Close-up Grow Bag Zipper Example
  • Reclosable zipper
Close-up Grow Bag Label Example
  • White, grey, black or custom design upon request

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Storage Bags

New Sizes to Come!

Growbag Sizes:
15 x 20 | 20 x 30 | 24 x 36
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