Food Storage Solutions

Save Money

With the Invisilock® Food Storage Solutions you can buy in bulk or when food is on sale and vacuum package your food in your desired portion size without wasting food.

Save Time

Cook ahead for the week, prepare meals and snacks and save them in Invisilock® Vacuum bags.

Marinate in Minutes

Vacuum packaging opens up the pores of food so you can get that great, marinated flavor in just 20 minutes instead of overnight.

Enjoy Seasonal or Specialty Foods

Keep highly perishable or infrequently used items fresher longer.


Keep highly perishable or infrequently
used items fresher longer


Vacuum package sensible portions and, write calories, carbs and/or fat content on the bag

Tarnish Proof icon


Keep camping and boating supplies dry and
organized for outings. Protect silver from tarnishing


Vacuum Packaging Tips

  • Do not overfill the bag – leave enough length at the opening of the bag so that it can be place in the vacuum chamber easily.
  • Ensure that the opening of the bag is not wet. A wet bag may be difficult to melt and seal tightly.
  • Vacuum sealing food cannot completely replace the need for refrigeration or freezing food. Perishable foods still need to be refrigerated or frozen.
  • When using accessories, remember to leave 2.5cm (1inch) of space at the top of the canister or container.
  • Pre-freeze fruits and blanche vegetables before vacuum sealing for best results.
  • Waiting for an interval of 40 seconds after sealing or vacuuming is recommended.
  • If you are unsure whether your bag was sealed properly, reseal the bag.

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